the vinyl collection

The first of my baby steps to living a more simple life involves me getting rid of the things which I just don’t use but have attached a lot of unnecessary sentimental value to. First, it’s my vinyl records. I know as well as the next music geek that the sound of vinyl trumps listening through headphones on Spotify… but that only really counts if you actually listen to the records you own. After sorting through the collection I amassed over the years, I realised that although some of them are pretty cool (and yes, I am keeping a few that I just couldn’t bear to part with) somebody else would get way more enjoyment out of them than I do. It’s not fair for them to just sit in a box in my bedroom, unspun and gathering dust. I mean, I didn’t even bring my record player with me when I moved from my parents’ house into my boyfriend’s, and so they seem pretty redundant nowadays. Since I’m keeping a few of them, I’m going to talk through my reasons why, and if they aren’t good enough reasons then I guess I’m a step closer to getting rid of those, too.

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