the new christmas adventure

The Christmas season is the season best characterised by spending time with our loved ones, but also spending tons of money in a way that we always seem to automatically justify because, y’know, it’s Christmas. Sure, there’s definitely nothing wrong with spoiling the people we love most with lavish gifts, but a lot of the time we seem to get lost in a flurry of picture-perfect advertisements telling us exactly how our Christmas should look, and the types of material gifts we should be giving… But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way! My family have had a tradition for the last couple of years (this year marks the third of our slightly unorthodox gift idea), and it is definitely a game changer in terms of gift-giving. Gone are the stacks of surplus bath sets that end up never touching the bathroom tiles; gone are the excess socks bursting out of our drawers, enough for a small army; gone are the latest fad electronics that secretly we only wanted because we saw it on TV and it looked cool. In their places lies a whole new kind of Christmas gift: adventure.

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