My spending habits are pretty unhealthy, and what I’m hoping to achieve through living more minimally is an ability to only spend when I really need to. I have quite a few holidays planned in 2018 (four, so far), and so will need to be a lot more careful with my money if I don’t want to starve abroad due to running out of funds. I’m starting to spend more consciously, and I’m doing so by writing down everything that I purchase each month in a log. Itemising my spending, I feel, will really help me to notice where I am spending too much and encourage me to spend less in unnecessary areas.


Clothes are the biggest downfall of mine, but what I worked on over the couple of months prior to starting this blog was creating a capsule wardrobe: I sold a lot of my older clothes and replaced them with more classic, wearable, and everyday pieces, so hopefully I will feel less inclined to spend money on clothes that are just passing trends. I am also aiming towards a more sustainable wardrobe, and so will be looking more closely into brands that promote sustainability as well as purchasing clothes second hand to reduce my environmental impact… And the impact on my bank account.


Throughout my life, I’ve been known as a sentimental hoarder to my family, in that I keep the most useless things with the most trivial arguments. For example, I once kept a packet of jam that I got on a flight to Tenerife when I was nine. I didn’t throw it away until I turned twenty… Gross, I know. This will probably be the most difficult area for me to come to grips with, and I do have a lot of stuff when I think about it. However, the older I get, the more I realise that material possessions don’t really mean much: it’s moments that matter. As cheesy and cliche as that is, it has turned out to be true to me and I am slowly finding it easier to let go of things I don’t need, but just want.


Health and minimalism may seem like a strange match, but hear me out. I have found whilst reading up on minimalism that a lot of people that advocate this lifestyle, through their more conscious consuming, also advocate a lifestyle of veganism. Whilst I don’t think that going full-blown vegan is something which I would like to work towards quite yet, I was a vegetarian for around 8 years until I was 15 or 16, so I would like to give it a shot again. Mindfulness also seems to encompass a lot of minimalism concepts, and so every day I am going to try to meditate and clear my head space.