new bed-ginnings

The rumours are true: I have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for six months. No, I am not adopting a Japanese futon-style sleeping arrangement (although that is super minimalist…) – my boyfriend and I simply could just not agree on a bed that we both wanted. We debated sleigh beds (yuck), day beds (yes please), and even floating platform beds, but not once did we come to an agreement. Then, after months of deliberation, our saviour came in the form of, you guessed it, an IKEA bed. It has heaps of storage space not just underneath, but also along the sides and the headboard, and so eliminates our need to buy dressers and side tables, meaning less clutter! This is, in my humble opinion, the holy grail of beds.

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bathroom re-shuffle

I’ve always been pretty bad at throwing out stuff I no longer need or donating to charity/a friend, but nothing is as bad as my cosmetics hoarding. I seem to accumulate a lot of useless stuff throughout the year, and when Christmas comes around and I’m inundated with masses of bath sets, the realisation that I have way too much to handle is all too stark. After stressing myself out not being able to find mascaras, medicine, and hair mousse, I told myself enough was enough and decided to give my cosmetics drawers a clear out and a bit of a re-shuffle.

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