new bed-ginnings

The rumours are true: I have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for six months. No, I am not adopting a Japanese futon-style sleeping arrangement (although that is super minimalist…) – my boyfriend and I simply could just not agree on a bed that we both wanted. We debated sleigh beds (yuck), day beds (yes please), and even floating platform beds, but not once did we come to an agreement. Then, after months of deliberation, our saviour came in the form of, you guessed it, an IKEA bed. It has heaps of storage space not just underneath, but also along the sides and the headboard, and so eliminates our need to buy dressers and side tables, meaning less clutter! This is, in my humble opinion, the holy grail of beds.

Our (finally) furbished bedroom

I chose a weird time to decide that I want a more minimal way of living: on the one hand, it’s great because I have just moved out and so now have my own space to work with… But on the other hand, I have to furnish my new space and add a little bit of a personal touch to it. I am all for minimalists that live in clean, white spaces, and I love style when it embodies simplicity – but that just ain’t me.


My take on minimalism isn’t necessarily living in this kind of home, but rather living in a home free of clutter. I still want to own nice things that help me to express myself, but I don’t want too much of it – something which I have always struggled with. This bed helps massively with that – we have space underneath to store our clothes, and there are also some really nifty shelves on each side of the bed behind the headboard, both of which eliminate the need to buy extra furniture – and mean that we can keep our space as uncluttered as possible. Goodbye side-tables and dressers, hello… Just a bed.


As well as the space underneath and at the side of the bed, there’s also a load of space along the headboard – this is perhaps one of the main reasons why I was so excited about this bed in the first place. When I was younger, I had a friend who had a bed with one of those shelving units built around it for nick-nacks: something which I have envied ever since. I find now that those styles of bed are pretty outdated, and so finding a bed that could satisfy my teenage dream was a moment for me. I now also have room to display my favourite artwork without having the added stress of finding the perfect place on the wall to hang it. This bed has saved my life, no exaggeration.

I bought the flamingo piece not so long ago when I was at a fayre with my mum, who was getting increasingly agitated at the fact our walls were “still magnolia!” after six months of living here (they’re white actually, mother). She insisted I bought some artwork to spruce up the space a little and, since flamingos are my favourite animal, this lovely piece simply fell into my lap. I was so torn between a few pieces as I love the artist’s work (I’ll link to everything at the end of this post) but ultimately, it was this tropical-looking print that stole my heart. And, of course, how could I not display my chris (simpsons artist) picture that I gone and got (sorry) with a purchase of one of his t-shirts? I feel honoured even to own it, let alone have it on display.


Perhaps the pièce de résistance, though, is our cactus lamp. I’d been searching high and low for something that would suit the tropical, green and pink accented theme of our bedroom, and this was standing humbly, reduced-price, on a shelf at ASDA. ASDA! This beauty was only £8 on sale, and is small yet mighty. I’d say he fits right in with our succulents, and elevates our understated kitsch inspiration to new levels… As does our flamingo cushion, too. Which was also from ASDA. I know. I screamed a bit.


I had so much fun designing my new space, but in a more simple way than before. If you don’t think that this is minimal enough, then all I can say is you didn’t see what my bedroom before looked like (a hot mess, FYI)! I’m really looking forward to getting started on the rest of the house, and I’m finding now that I can make my space exactly how I want it, I’m actually holding back on useless clutter a lot more. At my parents’ house, I went mad with bits and bobs that I didn’t need, and ultimately ended up with tons of junk lying around, gathering dust. This bed has allowed me to save so much space, and has also provided a blank canvas for me to design around, too.

I’m linking everything seen here below in case you like anything so much that you have to have it!

  • Bed – IKEA
  • Lampshade – IKEA
  • Marble bedding – Urban Outfitters
  • Geometric cushions – IKEA, unavailable online
  • Flamingo cushion – ASDA, unavailable online
  • “IT’S OK KID” wall banner – ItsOkKid (Etsy)
  • Flamingo print – FabFunky
  • Bart Simpson drawing – free with a purchase from Pictures That I Gone And Done (I’m not sure if a drawing is included with every purchase, but I am assuming that that is the case!)
  • Succulents – Sainsbury’s
  • Pineapple tealight holder – ASDA
  • Cactus marquee light – ASDA


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