bathroom re-shuffle

I’ve always been pretty bad at throwing out stuff I no longer need or donating to charity/a friend, but nothing is as bad as my cosmetics hoarding. I seem to accumulate a lot of useless stuff throughout the year, and when Christmas comes around and I’m inundated with masses of bath sets, the realisation that I have way too much to handle is all too stark. After stressing myself out not being able to find mascaras, medicine, and hair mousse, I told myself enough was enough and decided to give my cosmetics drawers a clear out and a bit of a re-shuffle.

Pre-clearing out. Messy and stressful even to look at.


The top of the grey drawer served no purpose other than somewhere to put crap that didn’t fit anywhere else. I absolutely loathe those three plastic boxes and so had to figure out new storage solutions that not only wasn’t bulky and could be found in a kids’ bedroom, but also cheap since I’m a student with a limited budget. So, unloading the dishwasher, I found my solution.




The top clear box had cotton wool pads and buds in, so they’ve now found a new home in a Dorito’s dip jar and an unused pasta container. Likewise, my hair bobbles and grips from the pink storage tub also got some new digs in the form of a silver box which I found at a charity shop a few years ago and that has been storing useless junk ever since (which has now been thrown out too – two birds, one stone). The plant was living elsewhere in our apartment, somewhere dingy and unnoticeable, so he has been given a new lease of life and I’m kind of loving it now.


Inside the drawers was an even more tragic story – so tragic, in fact, I don’t even want to show you what was going on in there, just a little sneak peek of each drawer. Each was an amalgamation of random toiletries and bits and bobs, no cohesion to any of them – there was even a packet of crisps in one… Your guess is as good as mine! Since I hated the look of the plastic tubs, I didn’t want to use them again on display, but I figured that they would work well as inner drawers in the grey storage unit. So that’s exactly where they ended up.


Granted, it’s still hella messy in there, but if you saw what it looked like before, you’d understand that this is tons better. The contents of the bottom drawer once resided in that ugly pink cosmetics bag seen below, as well the stripy bag that was inside that held approximately 400 nail polishes that I just never used. I now own ten. The only reason I reluctantly held onto the bag was because I didn’t think that all of the stuff in it would fit in the drawer – funny what a little bit of organising can do, hey?


Last but not least, my makeup. Which I have a fair amount of. I hadn’t sorted it for a while, and only ever use a fraction of it, so I figured it needed sorting… Which turned out to be a massive understatement. I threw out the majority, and managed to condense everything into the gold box. I still kind of hate that box, and I don’t like that it doesn’t have a place yet except for underneath the sink. Hopefully that will be resolved when we get around to furnishing our wardrobe, and then I’ll more than likely move everything into there. But, for now, it’s going to have to live there. Sorry, box.


And so, here is the finished product in comparison to the before photo. It feels a lot calmer in there now, and it’s good to know where everything is at long last. I know it isn’t the biggest difference in the world, and it still feels pretty cluttered – but that’s why this is a journey and not just a simple, quick fix. I’m slowly learning to let go of things I don’t need and it feels good.



2 thoughts on “bathroom re-shuffle

  1. I’ve been doing the same. I have a blog that will go up tomorrow about giving up make up. I found you can donate it (even used) to Give and Make Up which goes to people who have fled their homes due to domestic violence and didn’t have time to pick up cosmetics/ toiletries.

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    1. Thank you so much for letting me know about this! Such a good idea. I still have a lot of cosmetics in my bedroom that need sorting out so I will bear that in mind when I am trying to keep things just for the sake of it.


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